Combine your passion and profession with an office chair from RECARO

An office chair from RECARO adapts perfectly to your body through its strong shapes and contours, optimum streamlining, individual styling and quality materials. By combining a sport seat with an office chair, RECARO offers a whole new sitting experience for your office.


Office Sportster CS

The RECARO Office Sportster CS is a thoroughbread sports seat. It is the sports seat par excellence among office chairs: The RECARO Office Sportster CS and the Cross Sportster CS share a markedly sporty and dynamic design combined with uncompromising comfort. The integrated headrest with belt slot clearly identifies the sporty genes.

RECARO Sportster CS details

Office Specialist

The RECARO Office Specialist S is a master of adaptation. It is an office chair to suit individual demands, with a paddable lumbar support to match the body size, an adjustable headrest and a special ergonomically shaped seat cushion. Version M also offers an extendable seat cushion.

RECARO Office Specialist details

Office Expert

Great flexibility is the strength of the RECARO Office Expert. Perfect adaptation to different body sizes through a paddable lumbar support, adjustable backrest side bolsters, adjustable headrest and a special, ergonomically shaped seat cushion. Version M also offers an extendable seat cushion.

RECARO Office Expert details


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world’s first street-licensed shell seat, RECARO presented a specially designed retro-look Rallye Office Chair. Inspired by the successful RECARO Sportster CS, with upholstery in classic houndstooth pattern, limited to only 500 copies.


We can develop a customized office chair based upon a specific car seat that you want to convert into a unique one-of-a-kind chair. In addition to stunning visual features, the office chair also fulfils the highest ergonomic requirements and offers maximum seating comfort.


All RECARO Office Chairs, designed and hand-crafted in Germany, are designed to ensure a comfortable seating position during use and works perfectly in any office environment. Top-quality manufacturing in every detail and made with great craftsmanship to guarantee the very special feeling of sitting in a RECARO seat.

With its body-hugging contours, the chairs stand for unique comfort, perfect ergonomics and aesthetic design. The RECARO Office Line bring car racing and sporty styling from the road directly into the workplace.

RECARO Office Chairs – Sales & Marketing Brochure


I spend a lot of my spare time on the track in a racing seat from RECARO, so the chance to do same at the office was an easy choice. It looks great and it feels great, I could truly not be more satisfied with my office chair from RECARO.